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The Coros Pace review

The Coros Pace is a wellness watch that endeavors to fill the specialty between top of the line multisport GPS watches like the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus arrangement and customer situated trackers like the Fitbit Versa. The Pace falls unequivocally in the middle of the two both in capacities and highlights, yet it won't be a tracker for everybody. It's focused at a specialty group of onlookers of individuals preparing for marathons, and thinking about its value, the Pace has a great deal pulling out all the stops.
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The Coros Pace seems as though it moved off Garmin's generation line. Indeed, it has with four catches rather than five, however in the event that the Coros marking on the watch was absent, you could without much of a stretch slip-up the watch for Garmin's Forerunner 735XT or the Forerunner 235. It even uses a comparable clip style charger.

That doesn't mean it looks awful. Despite what might be expected, we think Coros nailed solace and structure. It's energetic appearance suits the rec center — however you may need something more tasteful for the workplace — and the screen is sufficiently enormous for a speedy look at measurements while working out, yet not all that huge that it winds up awkward. It's likewise lightweight on account of Coros' selection of materials: Plastic for the case, and a silicone band that is delicate to the touch and ventilated to limit sweat.

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While it is plastic, the Pace has a strong form quality much like the Garmin watches it mirrors. The lodging is solid and the glass confront is impervious to scratches. The catches require only the appropriate measure of exertion to press so you don't need to stress over inadvertently beginning or halting an exercise. The plan and attack of the Pace is comparable to the challenge — similarly as agreeable and nearly as tough.


The Coros Pace is intended for marathon runners and it appears. The three accessible game profiles incorporate running (indoor and outside), swimming (indoor and untamed water) and biking (indoor and open air). There is an "other" classification, however the watch unmistakably is intended for those contending in marathons. Coros may not offer each movement under the sun like a portion of its rivals, however it exceeds expectations with the exercises it bolsters. GPS precision was right on target and the pulse screen contrasted positively with Garmin and Suunto's best watches, the Fenix 5X Plus and the Suunto 9.

There was some inconstancy between the watches we utilized for correlation testing. The Suunto 9 and Coros Pace quite often estimated keeps running with somewhat more mileage and marginally bring down pulse than Garmin watches. The distinctions were little — 10 to 20 beats for each moment and not exactly a fourth of a mile — however worth referencing.

Marathon mode enables you to switch between various exercise modes amidst an instructional meeting.

When it came to vast water swimming, we favored the Coros over the Garmin and Suunto, the two of which attempted to log an exact separation and GPS track in the water. The Coros utilizes GPS, GLONASS, BDS and enables you to switch between three GPS modes (GPS, GPS+BDS, GPS+GLONASS) to enhance precision. We principally utilized GPS+GLONASS and never attempted to get a bolt. GPS remained steady on long runs, even those in the forested areas.

By a long shot, our most loved element on the Coros Pace was the marathon mode which tracks each of the three games – run, swim and bicycle – in one session. It enables you to switch between various exercise modes amidst an instructional meeting and view the aggregate time for all exercises. It's a definitive instrument on the off chance that you are preparing for a marathon.


In spite of the fact that it is incredible at following exercises, the Coros Pace is restricted in its wellbeing and health highlights. The Coros Pace screens day by day steps, pulse at 10-minute interims, and calories consumed. It mashes up those numbers to give a wellness list, which is tantamount to the VO2 max, and a stamina level which positions action level on a sliding scale that ranges from amateur to world class. These are useful to measure wellness level, however there is no alternative to include sustenance you eat, water you drink, or log weight. The measurements are focused towards the competitor who needs to concentrate exclusively on execution.

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There is additionally now rest following, so you can follow your close eye and screen how it influences your execution. It was included December 2018 so you may need to refresh your watch in the event that you bought the Pace with a prior firmware adaptation. Empowering rest following requires no client mediation. Simply wear your watch to bed and the rest information will show up on your dashboard.


Like most smartwatches, the Coros Pace interfaces with your cell phone and enables you to see approaching warnings. The content is anything but difficult to peruse on the 240 x 240 screen goals, and you can look to peruse more than the initial couple of words.

It's promising to see ceaseless responsibility to the item, months after it propelled.

It's similarly as simple to expel warnings on the watch, and answer or reject telephone calls. Matching up between the telephone and the watch is relatively prompt, with the watch humming all the while. The Pace synchronizes to outsider administrations like Strava, however there is no help for applications on the gadget, a component offered now on generally smartwatches.


Coros is a relative newcomer to the wellness tracker space, having made its begin in keen head protectors for cyclists. It has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead contrasted with any semblance of Garmin or Fitbit, yet the organization is capable. When we previously got the Pace not long ago, it was a barebones watch with a few outstanding missing highlights like interim preparing and support for ANT+ gadgets. This shortage didn't keep going long, however, as we'd get refreshes each month including new highlights and enhancing existing ones. These weren't little highlights that were included or enhanced, however huge ones like indoor cycling support, adjustable information screens, and interim preparing.

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It's promising to see a consistent responsibility to the item, months after it propelled, however these highlights should have been accessible at dispatch.


Battery life is the place the Pace sparkles. The watch endured just about an entire day when consistently following in full GPS mode when contrasted with the half-day given by our Garmin Forerunner 235 watch.


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Regularly, every hour-long run just depleted the battery by 5 rate focuses. This lift in proficiency comes not from an immense battery in a massive packaging, yet programming that is enhanced for wellness following and isn't enlarged by additional highlights. At the point when utilized in watch mode just, the Coros Pace kept going right around multi month. We went for such a long time between charges that we really lost the charging link. Oh no.


The $299 Coros Pace is accessible now online from Coros and Amazon. Coros' guarantee will give you a chance to fix producer absconds from its wellness items two years from the first date of procurement.


The Coros Pace has all the center measurements you have to enhance your running, swimming and biking with no additional items that you needn't bother with. It's this particular concentration and a reasonable sticker price that separates the Pace from other multi-sport trackers. It doesn't attempt to be one watch for everybody, except a watch devoted to one game — the marathon. In the event that you are a sprinter who bicycles or a biker who swims, the Pace is the watch for you.

Is there a superior option?

Highlight astute, the Garmin Forerunner 645 gives the Coros Pace a keep running for the cash. The Forerunner 645 has a similar size and screen goals, a barometric altimeter, and a similar center sensors as the Pace. In any case, at $399, the Forerunner 645 is significantly more costly than the Pace, however the additional money likewise offers a tempered steel case, multisport support, and access to Garmin's application vault.

The Vivoactive 3 Music is another brilliant watch with a comparable list of capabilities and evaluating as the Pace, however with a more grounded spotlight on wellbeing and additional items including music.

In any case, in case you're a marathon runner, the Coros Pace is one of only a handful couple of watches with a devoted marathon sports mode that lets you effortlessly change starting with one game then onto the next.

To what extent will it last?

The Coros Pace has a lightweight plastic form, however it has held up well in our testing. We utilized it climbing, biking and other ordinary exercises without issue for a while. The band and lodging are fit as a fiddle, yet the screen has a couple of light scratches steady with ordinary use. We hope to get something like a few years out of the watch.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly, however just in the event that you are a long distance runner. The Coros Pace is extraordinary for individuals that need to follow running, biking, and swimming in one session. Competitors who practice an assortment of games or need different highlights like music or weight following should look somewhere else.


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