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The 2019 Oaxis Timepiece Review

The Oaxis Timepiece is a sensibly evaluated smartwatch that falls between full smartwatch and wellness tracker — a quickly developing center ground that likewise incorporates half and half smartwatches. The Timepiece has a simple watch face and a minor OLED screen to demonstrate key information, in addition to a pulse sensor on the back. This proposes it could be actually what many need — a smartwatch that doesn't resemble a smartwatch, with all the most recent highlights.

But, we ought not be chafed by the innovation we welcome into our lives. In the event that we pay for something that should build comfort, it ought to do that. The Oaxis Timepiece needs to keep up a harmony between these two viewpoints if it's to stay accommodating — regardless of whether reasonable or costly — and tragically, it misses the mark. Here's the reason.
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Moderate DESIGN

Oaxis has picked a moderate plan for the Timepiece, reminiscent of the Nokia Steel HR, with a simple watch face and an extremely little 0.42-inch OLED screen in the lower half. Our survey display has a dark hardened steel body estimating 41mm over, and is just shy of 13mm thick. The tie has speedy discharge tabs and measures 20mm. Oaxis additionally makes a 38mm rendition with a 18mm lash, making the watch reasonable for most wrist sizes.

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The hands are red, and mysteriously so is the 4pm marker on the face, which is secured by what we believe is mineral glass. This pulled in a great deal of grime and smircesh amid our time with the watch, regardless of it not being a touchscreen. Beside the Oaxis logo in the 9pm position, there's no other visual energy, so it is anything but a watch for drawing in consideration. It's sufficiently thin to sneak by a shirt sleeve, and on the grounds that it is anything but a major, shouty thing, this is ostensibly where it has a place. A silicone lash holds the Timepiece on your wrist, and it's entirely agreeable.

The Oaxis Timepiece looks great. Be that as it may, upon closer examination there is one angle we don't care for — the OLED screen is set inside a round pattern, yet is itself elongated. More regrettable, the edges of the oval screen are somewhat cut off by the round gap, making everything look heedless and foolish. It's one of those, "once-you-see-it" issues' and has kept on bothering us when taking a gander at the Timepiece.

This aside, the Oaxis Timepiece is an inconspicuous, unpretentious watch that will suit practically all wrist sizes. The manufacture quality is extraordinary, it's not overwhelming, and the domed glass gives profundity and shape to the face. We like the crown's surface, in spite of not really expecting to hold it, however do feel it's excessively expansive for the slimline body. By and large, we're enthusiasts of the Timepiece's moderate style.


In the event that the elongated in-a-round gap perspective wasn't sufficiently awful, the Oaxis Timepiece's screen flip-slumps between being dubiously useful to completely futile. It demonstrates step tally, calories consumed, the date, the measure of battery life remaining, and pulse obviously with a press of the crown (the crown is a catch and does not pivot). Be that as it may, the notice conveyance framework is so awful, it's practically absurd. As opposed to scroll warnings over the two-line show, it demonstrates notices on a screen-by-screen premise, and after that for good measure regularly makes them totally difficult to peruse by simply showing a couple of letters at once.

No reasons: Notifications must be glanceable on a wearable, and they're not on the Oaxis Timepiece.

In the event that you focus it's conceivable to string them all together in your mind to get the significance of the message, yet for what reason would it be a good idea for you to? The Nokia Steel HR look over its messages over the screen, and doesn't require numerous catch presses and 100-percent regard for make sense of what's being conveyed. Miss a screen, or misconstrue a long word spread crosswise over more than one screen, and the quintessence of the message gets lost. No reasons: Notifications must be glanceable on a wearable, and they're not on the Oaxis Timepiece.

It deteriorates. There's no reasonable all alternative, and as warnings pile up, you need to press the crown to reject each screen exclusively before you return to the standard advance tally and date screens. This is ludicrously time serious, and for all intents and purposes ruins the main beneficial thing about the presentation in any case — seeing your progression tally. Fortunately, in the Oaxis Timepiece application you can kill notices completely, or if nothing else evacuate certain applications that may over-burden the screen with too much. Be that as it may, aside from this invalidating the purpose of purchasing a smartwatch with a screen, we shouldn't need to do it because of poor structure. We additionally would have preferred somewhat more grounded vibration alarms, as they're not entirely obvious even on the most grounded setting.

Besides sides? The little symbols indicating which application has sent a notice are adorable and look great, and in light the watch face is anything but difficult to peruse. There's no backdrop illumination however, and the OLED screen does not demonstrate the time, so it's hard to see around evening time.

Wellness AND THE APP
On the off chance that the smartwatch highlights are not exactly effective, shouldn't something be said about the wellness highlights? All things considered, the Oaxis Timepiece should be a substitution for wearing a wellness band, as indicated by the association's Kickstarter battle ad spot. The presentation demonstrates the quantity of steps you've taken, the separation you've strolled, and the calories consumed. The pulse sensor on the back of the watch should be initiated in the application.

Why such a clinical depiction? This is on the grounds that that is all you get. The Timepiece is certifiably not a Fitbit elective as it doesn't be able to follow singular exercises, or enact the pulse sensor to work consistently when out running. In the event that all you're keen on is realizing your progression check, at that point it's adequate, yet anything more profound than that isn't accessible.

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To utilize the pulse sensor you need to open the application, and pick the correct capacity. It didn't generally work effectively, with zero readings occurring in any event once per day. I had a companion check to ensure I wasn't in reality dead (he affirmed I was alive), making this an issue with the Timepiece. At the point when a perusing came through, it was as a rule inside a couple of drives back the Apple Watch Series 4, yet constantly over its perusing and never under.

The application itself is required to set the time on the watch. The blending procedure takes a couple of minutes, and we combined with both an Android telephone and an iPhone. It took a couple of attempts at first, as it's not clear you should press the crown when a Bluetooth image and a question mark shows up on the watch's presentation. When we made sense of this, the procedure ran easily. All your wellness information is ordered in the application, with diagrams appearing, calories, and separation, in addition to your pulse. It's essential yet pleasingly planned.

The Timepiece is anything but a Fitbit elective.

It tracks rest as well, on the off chance that you wear the watch medium-term. Rest detecting can be set up utilizing a clock — for instance, it enters rest mode at 11pm consistently — or left to the watch to consequently perceive utilizing its accelerometer when you've hit the sack. The silicone lash didn't get too damp with sweat or irritating medium-term, and the auto rest acknowledgment functioned admirably. In the application, you get an outline of rest states as well. It's an extraordinary component missing from some contending half breed smartwatches.


Battery life is one of the Oaxis Timepiece's solid focuses, enduring 30 days on a solitary charge as indicated by the organization. We presently can't seem to finish 30 days utilization of the Timepiece, yet it loses around 5-percent every day, implying that while it might miss the mark regarding this objective, it's still respectable.

Charging is finished utilizing a provided plastic plinth with two pogo stick contacts that associate with any point on the watch's case back. This implies you don't need to be exact when putting it on the charger, yet it's not verify and wobbles about a considerable amount, making the watch is anything but difficult to uproot.


The Kickstarter crusade where the Timepiece rose up out of has finished, and Oaxis has set the completely supported watch available to be purchased without anyone else site. The 38mm adaptation costs $160 and the 41mm model is $180, paying little respect to whether you pick the dark or white-confronted form. Delivery starts in February 2019.

All Oaxis items accompany a one year worldwide guarantee covering quality and material deformities. The guarantee takes note of that any item acquired outside of its shop — on eBay for instance — won't be secured.


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Try not to give the Oaxis Timepiece's cool moderate plan a chance to prevail upon you, as the notice support is poor, and the wellness following too fundamental to even think about justifying the cost.

What are the choices?

The rundown is long and shifted. The principle issues with the Timepiece are the notices and the screen. They're not valuable, and we turned them off. So in light of this, you're in an ideal situation picking pretty much any half breed smartwatch as you can have essential, however functional notices, in a watch that resembles a watch. We like the Fossil Q Commuter, or the Q Neely, which begin at $155. Likewise, investigate Skagen's half and halves for a moderate style like the Oasis Timepiece.

The Nokia Steel HR does everything the Oaxis Timepiece does and costs the equivalent, yet we think the warning conveyance is better. In the event that you need a touchscreen, yet not a full Wear OS smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT or Honor Magic Watch are potential choices. These look like smartwatches, as opposed to a customary watch, however have the additional advantage of shockingly long battery life and full wellness following highlights. Nor are accessible in the U.S. however, yet costs 180 British pounds, somewhat more than the Oaxis Timepiece yet with much greater usefulness.

On the off chance that you need a full Wear OS smartwatch, the Mobvoi Ticwatch C2 has all that you could need for $200, while the Ticwatch E2 is $160. Either would be a superior buy than the Oaxis Timepiece on the off chance that you want greater usefulness. From here, costs rise, and you'll discover progressively about those alternatives in our best smartwatch suggestions list.

To what extent will it last?

The Oaxis Timepiece is well made and feels durable. The glass covering the face is clearly scratch safe, and the body is water impervious to 30 meters. The lashes are effectively supplanted as well, on the off chance that one ought to coincidentally break. Since the battery just needs charging around multiple times every year, it ought to have a long life in front of it.

We're additionally satisfied to see Oaxis has utilized a Swiss development for the Timepiece, choosing a Ronda quartz development for precision and sturdiness. You will likely quit wearing the Oaxis Timepiece some time before it quits working or breaks.

Would it be a good idea for you to get one?

No. The warning framework is too baffling to even think about using once a day, and we were compelled to cripple it in the application. This has the impact of making the Timepiece a costly wellness tracker without broad exercise following highlights. Different issues on top mean there are predominant options accessible at a similar cost, or even less.


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